Preview to Chapter 11 of M28

“Do you know what this is?”

“Yes, that is origin. We believe it is were creation is made.”

“Indeed, it took a long time of poking and prodding but we are finally able to contain a small essence of the origin into a container. The only problem is that we can not do anything with it. All attempts to use tools on it dissolve before they dissect any fragments out so that we might find what it’s made up of.”

“Well I can tell you what it’s made of right now.”

“What good sir?”

“You actually described it very plainly, the neutronic field. The reason why protons and electrons when moved from their proper rotation cycles become unbalance is because it puts strain on the neutronic field. This is the very essence of neutronic field, which is why when you touch it with anything, it does not grow. It stays the same, it just organizes electrons and protons into natural order, which we have evolved from the basic neutronic blueprint which means when we touch it, it being the raw design for the neutronic field we dissolve and lose whatever thing we put inside of it.”

©Tommy Mertell 2011

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