Today was a shock.

So I let my book be free promo for one day, and I just saw it has 266 downloads. I was like omg, why can’t I get paid for that many books. I sell like five in five months, constantly just watching other author numbers like Jude Hardin and almost cry over there numbers. I will be strong though, it’s my dream to write the impossible. LOL of course the number still nags me 266 times 6 bucks royalty is my monthly paycheck, why… sigh, oh well life will go on. Truth be told I’m just happy that my book is being read, I had so many problems since this book would be my first time. I was so excited but so scared. I don’t really, friends help me edit the first one. Then I get book in the mail and begin reading it, not even four pages in I notice how horrible it is, so for months I’m trying to edit it then my life falls apart and now finally my father edited it and is now reading it. From eveyone I’ve heard from they say the beginning is a little dry but the rest is like a movie. I love writing my novels, my characters are just extensions of myself and with novels I can indulge into all of them without the bad ones getting out into the world.

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