Solar energy

Ok so I finally think I’m getting this solar energy thing. I’m so used to just plug it into the wall and poof, electricity. So, the solar energy works like this.

 Solar Cell Panels which generate solar energy sits on your roof

 A cord leading down from it goes to the inverter which translates the solar energy into either 

Direct Current or Alternating Current

Direct Current is a one “steady” way charge to the inverter

Alternating Current is one “changing” way charge from the inverter

The energy is provided through the day and most times it produces more than enough energy which the solar energy goes back down the electric company drain. At the end of the day, unless you used batteries to charge in the day that will power your house at night, you will be using the energy given to the electric company over the course of the day, lower power usage at night than in the day will result in you getting paid.

Estimatedly the process costs around a few grand.though.

It is worth it for the planet no doubt but unless you have the extra money to spend, just starting getting energy saving items such as lights, and fans.

Here is why

Grade A 1kwh Solar Panel is estimatedly 350-500 dollars


Lights = 3 bulbs * 100 watts = 300 watts

Refridgerator = 500 watts

Washer/Dryer =  1800 watts

AC = 3500 watts

Microwave = 1000 watts

Altogether = 7100 watts an hour if on all day

Ok yes sure it’s not on all day so let’s just cut that amount in half of those which we do not have on all day which is, microwave, ac, light and the washer/dryer which would make that 5,300 watts

this means you need 6  1kwh panels to power you house

at a min this = 2100 at ideal max = 3000 to power your whole house

and energy is paid in a tenth of a cent, florida is .07 for a kwh, this means estimatedly each montlhy bill if you did not have to use electricity at night or for running the water,  this means you get basically 50 bucks a month unless of course you just go overboard and buy ten panels and then you’ll be getting a couple hundred back each month. But let’s say you spend 3000 and get 50 back each month this means in five years not only will you not be paying for electricity but you will pay it off in 5 years.

Do I think it’s worth it, yes. 

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