Chapter 12 of Magistrate 28

We began running full speed at the fortress, our formation had broken up and my undead army could be seen to be defending nearly half the wall. The elves moved back and forth dodging the blade strikes of the normal army, sliding inwards swing close to their side sacrificing no defense. A clear voice crack across the sky, everything slowed down and my eyes blinked through several dimensions. It was a single command, my eyes zoomed to Sinith who had his hand stretched out to me. He looked at me with absolute anger, my heart stopped for a second.

And then his words reached me.


My body began to shake so violently that it shook the ground, it wasn’t convulsive shaking, it was vibrating. My skin which had grown tan grew gaunt white. My muscles tensed and released their restrictions. The muscles grew so big that they were suffocated by the sleeves of my robes which had engulfed my arms. I pushed them up to my shoulders and they stayed. I looked forward and both of my weapons disappeared. I started to bend down when I felt the tip of a claw of a mutant, with a blur of speed to fast for my unchanged eyes I grabbed the arm it was attached to and spun it towards me grabbing the other arm as well. The creature snarled in my face and then it went silent struggling against my hands trying to get free. With a roar so powerful that it sent the enemies and friends around me flying away and turned a few heads my way, I yanked on the two arms and pulled the mutant apart, and his guts and blood fell on me. I bent down and roared again, and claws began to draw out of my hand, my eyes started to pulse with red for my enemy’s instead of normal vision.

I rose my hand to the enemies in front of me, and with a snap of my fingers their bodies turned inwards and exploded. With my mere thought I was now standing next to Sinith. I took the back of his robe and threw him to the second gate. The air was filled with the screams of women and children who were running from their houses and inns, those who hadn’t hidden in the final gates where now regretting it and fleeing for their lives. Plague looked at how my body had changed in awe, her jaw dropped and her eyes filled with amazement at first then nothing but sadness. While she was paying attention a giant threw down his club, I spun around her body and caught the club single handed. The giant tried to yank it back out. I pulled it out of his hand and twirled it around and reversed it and slugged it in the side of its head, the body dropped forward as the head exploded upon impact, the shatter sent all the blood and brains down on me like a shower of red and gray.

©Tommy Mertell 2011

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