Breaking legs, shooting people, and morning coffee.

So my day starts out wonderfully, my wife sprains her leg at 3am and meanwhile outside, in the city, a swat team breaks into the house down the street. Think that was the quickest ambulance ever. Friends strewn about the house with everyone waking up to my wife screaming as she sits on the bed wrong.

It was rather amusing to see four people just rush the room as we lay in bed. Amongst all the commotion, as I watched the pre-med students and the programmer figure out what to do I plainly say.

“You realize my wife is naked right?”

For some odd reason I was getting the meanest look from my wife lol. It would be hard to deal with all the stress in my life if I didn’t have a cruel sense of humor. In my thoughts of struggle, thinking of one day being able to look at a laptop screen in a better place. I remember this woman, Ashley in my middle school. Everytime I got stressed or worried, I would end up sleeping on her lap.


Tommy out

“Write the impossible.”

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