Tough day

McDonald’s does not shell out its money easily but meh, they pay. It was a rather uneventfull day, my brain is struggling to find words to described how mixed feelings I had today. It’s a struggle everyday, going from bottom to top but you can’t always have the shiny path.


I want to be an author who live off his books. I write compelling thrillers that are hard to put down.

I don’t bog people with descriptions and I use magic the way magic is supposed to be used, overly powerful.

But the urge to write dies when your first novel gets thrown out there and you watch as all the “potential” customers rack up numbers when your promo’ing it for free and then you watch as no one actually buys it. Especially when you do not hear from the people who downloaded it, I think that kills me the most. Not knowing if it was liked or not, but you have to realize. Writing is not for money, it’s for the love of writing. The second you look at it as a job, you will begin to lose feeling in your words.

People will buy my book eventually, but for now I will continue the series of The Magistrate until it is done. My love for the adventure just explodes, right now I’m on chapter 7 of magistrate 27. I’m about to land a frontal assault on the greek empire of lords and the main characters mother is planning to assassinate Zues on Mt. Olypmus.

Tommy out

“Write the impossible.”

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  1. As someone told me, keep persevering.


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