You know how close I am to Washington, DC, don’t you?  Yup, I’m right across the river — it’s right outside my window.  So naturally, I have my finger on the very pulse of the Nation’s Capitol.

Sometimes, I have inside information.

Sometimes, I know what’s going to happen in advance.

Sometimes, I overhear the people at the heart of the day’s most important events.

That’s what happened this time.  Yes, I knew what was coming.  I just couldn’t tell you or I would have had to kill you.  You know how that goes.

Because on March 28, 2012, moments after the end of the Supreme Court argument on the Affordable Care Act, Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito came to my offices.

They flew in unexpectedly. Most of our staff members were surprised and watched them from a respectful distance.  But not me.

Nope.  I sucked up to them…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! Gave me an excuse to visit your blog. Love these pictures in the background, and your eclectic mix of posts.

    • The fact that you would take the time to look and see it as it is is flattering, thank you for visiting.

      • I think that we all want to have readers, and we all want to see who is reading us. I always like to see. Every once in a while, someone comments or follows me and they are, well, not what I expect! It’s a lot of fun. And I have found wonderful blogs that way. Like yours!

      • I agree, I like the instant gratification that I get from seeing my views and people.

      • Stats are tyrants!

      • Stats are temptress’s. I don’t rely on them they are just nice to look at.

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