My dream

I started in a blank room staring at a cold floor with no toys. No heat to my room living in Illinois. My door nailed shut and my windows barred. I had my books from the library, which my parents couldn’t torch because then they would owe money. From four pm to ten pm I did nothing but read, I read every book I could get my hands on first place in scholastic book contest a few years.

I moved down here with my mother and as I looked out the window of my step-fathers truck, a strange image hit me and before I realized it I was writing drafts and I was lightly playing with writing. It wasn’t until I met my wife who fueled my passion, but now I am so many things it’s hard to keep track of. I had a dream when I was a kid.

I wasn’t like all the other kids, my dream was everything. I want to be and do everything.

Today as of 2012 I am

Computer Hardware Specialist – Hire a Geek of Cape coral florida

DJ – Fartnarg on youtube



Freelance writer


Philosopher – My novels



Cook – McD

Health Inspector – Crew Trainer for McD

my dream of becoming an author has been made, but I want to see if I can eventually make my childhood dream of being able to do all lines of work.

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