The Sophomore Slump

It’s World Ocean Day! And what better way to highlight this unfamiliar occasion than to acknowledge THE No. 1 most visited, most popular, and approvingly the best aquarium in the world. Monterey Bay Aquarium is an absolute MUST for every California visitors.

This tank! Besides the photo op of capturing the people and the big tank and the sharks, there are these tiny little sardines. They are clustered altogether forming like a carpet on the bottom of the water. It is sooo unbelievable. They’d move in sync, making way when the shark comes.

I love this turtle. I will have a separate entry solely for this turtle.

Bucket List checked. I finally get to see penguins!

The morays are fascinating. Their head comes out from one head and then their tail to another hole. The tank they are in looks like a puzzle maze where you figure out which tail…

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