Magistrate 27 ch7 preview!

As we hit another wave we saw the peaks of greece come into view and Azh began making sure all of her straps were plenty tight before taking the ship for a slight turn. Quickly above the sky began to shape into a storm, it was a steady pace so no one would know. We could see the sewage pipe by now, the opening completely uncovered and we zoomed inside without even slowing down. It all happened it what happened like slow motion. I placed my foot on the edge and yanked one of the patrols by his foot before he could yell. I drug him along making him fall backwards, my face was splattered with blood as it cracked open upon the ground. I let go to hear his body roll into the water.

Azh brought the ship to an abrupt stop as the torch for the first patrol went out. She didn’t even bother strapping up the ship, but just jumped off and began walking down the hallway. I took a running jump off the edge to land next to her, falling inline as she retraced the map in her head. I grabbed her hand so that I wouldn’t lose her to the darkness, and regretted shortly after because a giggle came my way.

I peered into the darkness for a long time before I saw the second flare of light. I sniffed, catching the scent of blood. We slowly and silently walked towards it until the torso came into view. I let my hand leave hers and reached forward. I exploded into black smoke and my nails gouged into his kidney. His body leaned back and I sank my fangs into his collar bone opening the vein. I let his body drop back to the ground, with a sickening squish Azh walked over the dead body.

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