Fantasic video edit

When you look at films like this you need to realize the hours it takes to edit this video. On a daily basis this type of video will take forever to edit, just because of the splicing and masking. I love video editing but it takes forever.

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  1. My first response to this… LOL! This really is quite well done and quite funny as well, especially with the Naruto ‘Lollipop’ song part. XD Someday I hope to attempt making a video like this myself but for now I’ll just watch the ones others have made. Even though it probably /did/ take a long time it really shows and is definitely something I would dub as awesome!

    • Yes this is what I used to do for fun if you want to check out some of my videos, my user name is fartnarg. It used to take me anywhere from 4-7 hours for a 3min video.


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