Temperature of the Earth

Gustav (water vapor)

Gustav (water vapor) (Photo credit: CoreBurn)

Within the time span of fifty years the earth’s temperature will rise to 140 in some regions of the world (I need to get out of Florida) The same year it reaches that height in temperature will also be the same year we hit -100 in the regions who do not get hit with 140 this imbalance will cause the water vapor to rise and enclose the poles of the earth in thick vapor and the temperatures in the northern regions will go to -200 and worse. Within five years time the whole of north will freeze and all the water vapor will retrap the poisons in the air and we will have renewed poles, the temperatures not covered by water vapor will experience a consistent 90-140 degrees temperature some areas rising to 160. 8/10’s of the world will die most being countries without AC. The greener we become the less this five year time span will be. The checklist made by scientist everywhere is almost complete, the last one is to revert from fossil fuel to something naturally produced everyday that can attain for every one of us. Pot will be the only plant that is abundant and it will also spread like wildfire because it grows best in extreme heat. Corn will go extinct, so will all other “tall” plants which require the most water, we will see vegetables mutate to the weather. We will run out of meat before plants, cows will survive the severe weather change and so will most birds. Fish will re-mutate to what they were in the last ice age.

The way to Counter – Act this is Forestation! Yes believe it or not, if you want this giant problem to go away. Go buy some trees and plant them, mow less and grow more. Water Vapor causes the temperature in the air to rise, by burning more we make it hold more heat and it can’t reflect the sun as much. Growing plants that release oxygen makes the atmosphere release this water vapor through rain and the world will cool down. If everyone where to plant one tree, the temperature would go down yearly by about five degrees. You can buy tree seeds for cheep and all you have to do is turn the water on in the morning, and we can avoid the earth going psycho! I’ve got the links all you have to do is buy and plant!

“7 lbs Drought Tough Grass Seed Mix”

2 Dollar Redbud Tree seeds

35 PURPLE CREPE MYRTLE Lagerstroemia Flowering Shrub Bush Small Tree Seeds

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