Humanties chaotic war

Walking down the halls of champions
to watch the war victims
they scream and they cry in anguish
they rejoice and revel
the traitors have been found
walk the halls of champions
walk that hall of murderers
and a sense of power crawls over you
it’s impowering
War and Chaos, they 2 gifts from heaven unto
given to us
they have served as the meaning of all
it is the reason why we live to this day
the pounding beats of the hardstyle
remind me of the feet pounding everforeward
remind of times when you were the sole
protector of forts
and legendary murderers were made
where we reveled and marveled at the men
who destroyed thousands
who destroyed millions
war is why we became dominant
it’s what powers nature
it powers evolution
so for us to always want a fight
always want war
always want to destroy the weaker versions
of ourselves is all natural
so humanity should revel in war
not be afraid of it
the amount of blood from the bodies that
have been spilt over in my time
could fill the ocean at least 1/2 way
imagine throughout human history
murderers are just indirect weapons of war
champions are chosen murderers
soldiers are mindless murderers
and warlords, are those that revel in war
and look for it at every chance
even in the work places
war is constant
war of sales, war of competition
competition is war
war is the fuel that powers us
and chaos is what greases the cogs
Humanity is a great many thing
but what it is most
is war and chaos
it has always been
and will always be.

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