Spell – Druid Medicine – Elemental Spiritual Seperation

Just recently my friend had his greed begin to take over everything in his life. He slowly started to lose control and I wasn’t there when it all began. I went over to his house the other day and it was intense, nowhere near what I had experienced when it was first crawling on all fours.

So I had to practice some medicine.

We can choose many signs, but there are certain spells that just fall more powerful under certain signs.

I set the timer on the scroll to start at the new moon and end at the full moon. It’s only been two days since I imbued the paper and I have already seen the Elemental Spiritual Separation begin to work it’s way, last night he was calmer and less agitated and for the first time in months he was able to meditate.

You can get the spell here for fifty cents or wait until I make a spell book but that won’t be until I reach somewhere around a thousand spells.

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