Preview – Chapter 8 Magistrate 27


I looked out towards the stadium with eyes burning hotter than my rage, fire erupted around me like a wind seizing the air around me. Blood poured from me and I stood still as the world slowly moved. I barely felt it shake as Cerberus rose its head out of the ground.

I was in front of it with my right foot landing in its eye before I even blinked, blood soaking my foot as it exploded. It caught the corner and flung Cerberus across the stadium. Power was creeping over my body like ecstasy. I landed on the ground, pushing off again with my left foot soaring through the air. My veins shot out an grabbed the maw yanking it closer with a sickening crack of a whip. I latched on to the large canine, lifted it up in the air and slammed it on the ground.

I fell towards the earth as it squirmed to get up, falling into my right hook with all of my weight. The skull cracked and I felt my fist go straight through to the brain as its juice ran up my arm. My veins yanked Cerberus into the air and watched as they ripped it into pieces.

Watching it, slowly rising to the rain of blood and body limbs dropping around me. My veins shot into the earth and with another roar I watched as they began to rip through the stadium the ground turn up in upheaval and the pillars falling down crushing thousands in the stand.

I felt the press of a blade on my neck. Looking down I saw it was my mothers dagger.

“You need to calm it down..”

Wrong move mommy.

I grabbed the knifes blade with my hand and it fell to dust in the air. I whipped around with my right handed and backhanded her across the stadium. I got on my hands and crinkled my toes, speeding after her on all fours.

Meet feral.

I grabbed her with the veins from my right shoulder and ripped her towards me catching her with a close line. I reached back and grabbed her by her right foot, bringing her back up over my head and slamming her into the ground. I watched her body crumple and enjoyed watching the blood slowly come out of her hair.


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