A tough writing day

Recently I packed my bags and got ready for the long haul that is divorce. But something weird is happening and I don’t know how to describe it

While I may be getting a divorce, it feels like I traded in a problematic marriage for what feels like, the job I was meant for. I love writing but I just don’t want to get divorced. I dunno but then again wasn’t my choice really, she fell in love with another man. The worst part in which I think I learned the most is to be responsible for relationships and not just “let them run their course”.

Then again I was transforming into a new person and she wasn’t on board with it, I was finally getting a chance to become a full fledged writing worker. She argue’d I was never home and that I was more worried about bills than I was our actual family. I could never get her just to see things as they were, I was supporting my whole family off of 1 job. The difficulty of doing this was emense but I was doing it, in order to write on elance and textbroker I needed to stay up late after she went to bed. During the end I was having maybe 4 hours worth of sleep everyday because I was landing huge jobs but all that was lost when she asked me for a divorce. Now I am building back upto the jobs I had to get the money I had the chance of getting before. I was almost going to make 2.5k a week and with my first check I would have either worked less or entirely quit my job. I would have knocked out both birds with one stone and I would be home all the time.

I don’t know really, I mean of course I still love her, why do you think I married her? I kept saying she’d be the only one, I have all the time The Light provides me so I don’t know if it’s true or not. I do know that she’ll probably always be there but I will survive, lonely, but I’ll live. Lol maybe I’ll fall in love with my writings.

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