Epic in Essence

Have you ever been disappointed with a film? Maybe a book didn’t live up to your expectations?

Better yet have you ever had a book on the edge of your seat screaming, “What the F@#$?”

Meet the Magistrate, a series dedicated to magic, fantasy, thriller, and most importantly epic fighting. With knowledge of Muy Thai, Flower Palm, Drunken Fist, Baji Quan, and many other martial arts styles I incorporate actual fighting into this series. Actual history is written in these pages as I reveal little known facts about the world. Did you know that there is a fourth pyramid written in Egyptian history when it speaks of the pyramids of Giza? Where did this temple come, and where did it go? Did you know there is a Mercury bomb that can kill anything organic but not touch a single building, with no effects of radiation?

I give glory to all the fantasy races, Gnomes are actually intelligent building air fighters while their cousins still sharpen swords. Shades are the vampiric assassin mercenaries of the world and Trolls are head bashing monsters. The GateKeepers are actually making sure something does not get out of the gate, not just powerful magical beings. The first novel introduces you to the struggle of the GateKeeper of Chaos and his tale of love and tragedy as he is wrenched from the one he loves most. What is more sad than having to execute the love of his life?

All the races come together in an epic battle that takes place in FOUR CHAPTERS!!!! Demons are raised from hell, depicted from the Key of Solomon and they must call upon the contract with the GateKeeper of Heaven for reinforcements in their fight that scorches the planet in lakes of blood. Find out what happens in Magistrate 28!


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