YOU keep my dream alive!

Many of you think I’m rich when I say I’m a writer but that is far from the truth. I am rising up, enjoying each and every buy on amazon I see. It is you the reader who makes my work possible, I am sending this out to try and reach you. I have had nothing but good things said to my book and I want everyone to read it but this is my dream job, without anyone to buy it, it dies with the hope of becoming real. Since my first novel has been out since November of last year, over 2,000 downloads BUT only 7 of them have been bought, the rest were free promotion. It’s just 2.99 and when one person buys it I get 1.50 from it, even if it is just 100 people who buy it means 150 goes to me. I want to keep writing these magnificent novels but I need people to buy them, more importantly I need feedback on what I might be doing wrong. Please see this and read my book, if no one reads my book then I have to stop writing to support my life and that’s the worst thing I can think about happening. Every book to me is a journey past the stars, the feelings are from those who have pain and loss, love and romance. It’s not just a book to me, it’s a memory. If you don’t want it, you know someone who might. I just sit here and watch a blank screen as my book is talked about my friends and family but then I realize no one is reading it, or they just bought it to make me happy. Please support me as I make this dream a reality because I know there are others out there like me that need support and the ones who have made money don’t answer questions because that means giving away how they make money, their scared. This knowledge should be shared with everyone!

Please buy or refer my book, thank you so much.

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